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Mr. Scribner graduated from Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster  PA in 1975.  He had a double  major in Government and in Drama.  After working for eight years after college, including three years at B. Forman Co., he went to law school at the  State University of New York at Buffalo.  He graduated in 1986, passed the bar that summer and was admitted to practrice law in New York State in January 1987.

Mr. Scribner first worked as an associate for attorney John Macko of Rochester.  While working with Mr. Macko, Mr. Scribner developed an experience in the field of bankruptcy.  After two years as an associate, Mr. Scribner became an independent practitioner and continued to share offices with Mr. Macko.  In 1992, his office moved from the Reynolds Arcade Building to 1100 University Avenue and in 2001 moved again to 1110 Park Avenue.

Mr. Scribner remains a solo practitioner.  Most of his legal work involves consumer bankruptcies, real estate closings and foreclosure work.  He also drafts wills, appears in court for traffic matters and minor criminal offences, and provides general legal advise to clients.

In 1992, Mr. Scribner was appointed one of the Chapter 7 panel trustees for the bankruptcy Court in Rochester.  There are at this time eight Chapter 7 trustees in Rochester and all Chapter 7 cases filed in that Court are randomly assigned to one of these trustees.  As a trustee, Mr. Scribner is assigned about 500 cases a year.  The principal jobs of the trustee are to review all paperwork filed in the case  to make sure the required information is complete and correct, to hold a hearing and examine the debtor to verify the information in the debtor's paperwork, and to gather and sell assets and distribute money to creditors in those cases where assets are available.  About one in ten Chapter 7 cases has assets available for the trustee to liquidate.

As with all attorneys, Mr. Scribner engages in legal  work only in those fields for which he has the knowledge and experience to provide appropriate services.  If contacted about a legal question outside his area of expertise, Mr. Scribner will, as would any good attorney, refer you to the best of his knowledge to a practitioner more familiar with that type of work.

Mr. Scribner is President of the Rochester Community Players, Inc., and founded the Shakespeare Players and The Irish Players of Rochester, two programs of RCP.  Mr. Scribner is also a member of the committee of Boy Scout Troop 37, the troop he  was in a a boy, and has attended Camp Massawepie, the summer camp for Scouts in Mornoe County, every year since he was 12 years old.